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“KIC is an amazing program that does a lot for our kids. They not only cultivate the love of music, they also work with each kid to make sure they are confident and compassionate. They help each kid to discover their aptitudes, abilities and passion, at the same time that they encourage each person to be themselves.”

– KIC parent 2023

Of 36 parents and guardians surveyed, 32 strongly agreed that “My child is socially and emotionally stronger because of KIC.”


30 out of 36 agreed or strongly agreed that “My child is doing better in school and other activities because of KIC.”

“We have been so thankful for this program. That it exists, that there are passionate people to drive it, that our child has people who support her and care about her, and that she is exposed to music and a diversity of people and talents. We are such passionate supporters of this program and the people and are just simply so thankful for them all. The joy and support is genuine. All kids are supported and encouraged to thrive. We LOVE KIC!”

KIC parent 2023

KIC Profile: Meet Max

Max is a KIC graduate, Suquamish tribe member, and a student in composition at The Cornish School of the Arts.

With KIC’s help, Max found his passion – composing. KIC helped Max find a college program, and encouraged him to apply.

Max’s recent composition, “Creation,” was premiered by KIC in our 2022 spring concert and will be a featured work in a partnership with the Seattle Symphony in 2024.

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